• on January 26, 2018

Nobody Special 027: How To Be Better Than Google At Evangelism

The boys of Nobody Special are looking at the hard hitting questions that the world is asking.  Specifically, looking into the cultural phenomenons that are Tide Pods, Star Wars dating characters, and whether Alexa, Siri, and Cortana all hate Christians.  Apparently there are videos circulating around the internet of Alexa having no idea who Jesus Christ is but having an ability to give full lectures on every other faith.  So we look at what a Christian’s response should be and whether we should, frankly, even care.

Is this another Starbucks Christmas cup thing?  It feels like another Starbucks Christmas cup thing…

Either way, if Google won’t do our evangelism for us, we look at the top five ways to be better than Google at Evangelism.  Ya know, since we will have to do it ourselves.  Which  makes sense because we are followers of a Risen Lord and Google is a collection of digital ones and zeroes.

The Gospel Outpost Presents Nobody Special.

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