• on December 29, 2017

Nobody Special 025: New Year New… Nevermind

They say distance make the heart grow fonder.  Well, this time, it makes the podcast way more difficult for the boys of Nobody Special.  It’s the Christmas season and that means that Danny is out of town.  But don’t be afraid, Danny still took time to record this episode by using Skype.  Which made for new challenges and some interesting audio.  Always getting better though!

We look ahead to the new year to see where we are going and where we want to be.  All while trying our best to not say “New Year New Me.”  That phrase is completely overused. Also, we look at what we did for the Christmas holiday and what great stories we have.  Then we realized we live relatively boring lives.  Be sure you ask us questions at thegospeloutpost.com

If you wanna join us in reading through the bible every day, join us in our group here: https://bible.com/p/776639/6592d0e9a5924ce425f58ffc8fcc2eee Growing spiritually is always done better in groups rather than alone.  Space is limited so join now.

Shout out to The Ignition Point and their podcast.  Subscribe to them as well and enjoy great content.


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