Nobody Special 018: Nuns With Chainsaws

Nobody Special: The Podcast

Did Caleb and Danny make it through Hurricane Irma? Tune in to find out. But, spoilers, yes they did. This week, the boys look at how Christians responded to the storm. From chainsaw welding nuns to the countless churches and ministries who stepped up during Hurricane Irma, thank you for representing Christ to the world.

Also, we look at some beliefs from popular Christians and how to disagree without automatically calling a person a heretic.

The Gospel Outpost Presents Nobody Special.


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3 Responses

  1. Alex Tupper says:

    I think that the executioner character demonstrates the theme of redemption. No matter what you have done you can still be saved. Similar to loki in this sense. Without him the army of death would have destroyed the innocent people on the ship.

    • Alex Tupper says:

      Woops… this was supposed to be on the thor episode.

    • Absolutely! I think I was just miffed by him because Skurge is so much bigger in the comics and I love Karl Urban who really didn’t have much to do in this movie… (Also, if you wanted to put this comment on the Thor episode, I can make this one disappear. I’m not sure I can manually move it myself…) -Daniel Burton

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