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Nobody Special 026: I Guess We Are Talking About Logan Paul
This week the boys of Nobody Special talk about what is going on in their lives and then realize that nothing is really going on.  At least nothing that would [...]
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Everyone Did As They Saw Fit
For the people of Israel, they had entered into a period before King Saul but after Joshua had led them into the promise land.  By God's miraculous hand, the people [...]
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Words: Narrative and Worldview
As we have looked at our words we have seen the power that they hold. The old adage of “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never [...]
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Words: Truth and Lies
Anyone who says that they never lie is probably lying.  This skill often presents itself first in childhood and, oddly, without much training beforehand in doing it.  The only positive [...]
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