Tag: Transformation

Great New Adventures For A Grand New Year
For some of us, it was a difficult year and for other it was a year of adjustment.  Other, it was a season of waiting and trying to remain faithful [...]
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Missional Outpost: Unity
We are at the conclusion of one of the most divisive elections that I can remember.  For wherever you stand politically, the idea of unity has been shattered between the two parties. [...]
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Missional Outpost: Missional Morality
American society was founded on the principles of Christian values and which were incredibly important to the founding fathers.  Yet, for those who look around the world we live in today, [...]
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Missional Outpost: A Shining Light For All To See
If the past year has taught us anything, it is that the world has most assuredly changing. We have surpassed another year and walked into 2017 as the world continues to [...]
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