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Drained: For Those Who Feel Alone
In some ways, being physically alone is easier.  It feels almost like a retreat.  There are extended times of being by yourself and refreshing times of figuring some things out. [...]
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Drained: For Those Who Feel Sick
Imagine for a moment, you are the men who lowered their friend through the roof or that you are the man himself. The stories have circulated regarding this man who [...]
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Drained: For Those Who Feel Weak
While there is debate as to what the thorn in Paul's flesh was referring to, it is undeniable that he indeed had a pronounced weakness.  Paul is not alone in [...]
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Where Is God In The Storm?
During some time in all our lives, we will ask the question “Where is God?”  We will be seeking to hear from God yet go through the time that St [...]
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Masks: Strongman
Body building competitions are always somewhat fascinating to me.  You have people who have dedicated years of their life to developing and toning all the parts of their body.  They [...]
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