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James 3:13-18 Both Sides of Wisdom
James continues his discussion of wisdom and how we apply it to our lives as Christians. James begins with a rhetorical question challenging to the reader to take a look [...]
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And He Shall Be Called: Immanuel
Isaiah spoke often of the coming Messiah for the deliverance and salvation of God's people.  As the angels spoke to John, they revealed the truth of the words from Isaiah. [...]
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And He Shall Be Called: Prince of Peace
Jesus is the Messiah that the prophet Isaiah spoke of long before His arrival and fulfills the role as the Prince of Peace.  Within Jesus is this dual identity of [...]
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You Need Only Be Still
By the time of Exodus 14, the Israelites had been through quite and ordeal.  Where they were once a growing an prosperous people, the Egyptians had driven them into slavery [...]
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