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When The World Hurts Around Us

When The World Hurts Around Us

We live in a fallen and broken world.  That much, I think we can all agree.  If you pay attention long enough to those around you (something you should definitely do), you will encounter a person who is hurting.  For some, it will be the sting of disappointment over lost dreams and ideals.  For other, broken friendships and strained relationships with family will send a person spiraling down into pain.  The one we will all face at one point or another is death.  Everyone will lose someone or know someone who has died and this time remains a trying time for all involved.  This is a time of mourning, certainly, but Jesus does not depart in these moments.

Nobody Special: The Podcast

Nobody Special 007 By The Hammer of Luther

This week the boys have a conversation about politics and loving our neighbor. Martin Luther. Also we try and come up with catch phrases because why not. Martin Luther. And we discuss how Facebook live is changing our culture and how Christians should live. Martin Luther. Christian The Gospel Outpost Presents Nobody Special.