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And He Shall Be Called: Immanuel
Isaiah spoke often of the coming Messiah for the deliverance and salvation of God's people.  As the angels spoke to John, they revealed the truth of the words from Isaiah. [...]
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And He Shall Be Called: Prince of Peace
Jesus is the Messiah that the prophet Isaiah spoke of long before His arrival and fulfills the role as the Prince of Peace.  Within Jesus is this dual identity of [...]
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And He Shall Be Called: Everlasting Father
Isaiah strives to ensure the reign of God is not only established by the Might of God but also depicts the length of His reign.  There is a temporal and [...]
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And He Shall Be Called: Mighty God
Strength and might are not something to be scoffed at.  Nor at they things that need to be displayed in a braggadocios manner.  True strength does not need to prove itself [...]
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And He Shall Be Called: Wonderful Counselor
At the front of who this coming Messiah is remains a Wonderful Counselor.  When we hear this phrase our initial reaction is to reduce it to a good psychologist.  He [...]
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What It Means to Have Faith
Faith is one of the hardest parts about our religion or any religion.  How can we tell what is really there and what isn’t. God has a plan for each [...]
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