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Nobody Special 023: Manhood By Two Men Who Love Musicals

This week the boys of Nobody Special recall what they are thankful for since they horrible missed it during the actual Thanksgiving week.  Then things get a little crazy as they try everything they can to not talk about the increasing accounts of sexual harassment.  With the revelations about Al Franken, Matt Later, and many others, Caleb and Danny look into what it means to be a man of God.  

In a world where people pursue power and influence over integrity, it is time for the men of God to rise up, hold each other accountable, and be men of God.  We look at the common struggles, temptations, and solutions to walking in integrity.  

Broken Part 1: Until Nothing Is Left But Everything

I hate when people talk about how Jesus loves our brokenness with a bright shining smile on their face.  Probably this isn’t the most Christian thing to say but it bothers me. Personally, I have been through seasons in which God was breaking me.  I guess, more aptly put, I hope that the particular season…
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