• on January 12, 2018

Nobody Special 026: I Guess We Are Talking About Logan Paul

This week the boys of Nobody Special talk about what is going on in their lives and then realize that nothing is really going on.  At least nothing that would necessitate a daily vlog.  Truly, we live boring lives.  Although, occasionally, we have to deal with the issue of comments made about Danny’s weight.  So we take this opportunity to learn how to support one another during difficult times.  Exercising is terrible.  Just saying.

Also, we look at the current and ongoing scandal of Logan Paul. We look at why people subscribe to him and what the appeal is.  Also, we look at what the Christian response to these types of scenarios should be.  Grace and truth should be extended to everyone no matter what they do.  Even if what they do is horrifying.

Good news though, we’ve now been doing this show for one solid year.  Thanks for hanging in there with us.

Shout Out!  Grace Road Church in Rochester, NY has an amazing Podcast of their sermons that you should check out.  Click Here to check them out. Also, check out Youthquake Live and all their various shows in the Jacksonville, FL area.

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