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Luke 4:31-44 The Authority To Heal

by Daniel Burton
by Daniel Burton

When Jesus was offered the authority that the devil held Jesus denied any attempt of the devil to make himself greater. (Luke 4:1-13 Then, while beginning his ministry in the town of Nazareth, as the people sought to harness and leverage the Messiah for their town (Luke 4:31-32), Jesus again, rejected the false authority that the town offered instead opting for his own authority.  From this, Jesus went from town to town, teaching in the synagogues.  People began to notice.  The teachings of Jesus were the beautiful blend of a full understanding of the purpose and mission of God in the world and the hope for the future.  There was more to this man than simply a Rabbi or even a Prophet.  The words of Christ spoke to the heart as well as the mind and cut deep into the soul of mankind.  These words were not like the others Rabbis.  These were the words of true, authentic authority being delivered from heaven.  

“Then he went down to Capernaum, a town in Galilee, and on the Sabbath he taught the people. They were amazed at his teaching, because his words had authority.”

Luke 4:31-32, NIV

For all the attempts to relegate the authority of Jesus Christ, each one would submit the Sovereign King to outside authority, a move that Jesus did not need to make.  Jesus is King over all.  No one, whether spiritual force or personal presence is able to override the authority of the Lord.  When the people in the synagogues heard Jesus teach, their spirit resonated with the understanding that they were hearing true authority.  They were hearing the authentic word of God spoken by the mouth of God, made plain to them.  Thus, as Jesus was approached with opportunities to heal, there was no issue in doing so.  Jesus had the authority that belongs to God alone to heal sickness and command the demons and spiritual dark forces.  Jesus had the authority to make the broken people whole.

Authority In The Spiritual Realm

One of the first encounters that Luke discusses with Jesus interaction with demons occurs as he is teaching in the synagogue.  An impure spirit had possessed a man.  As Jesus spoke to the spirit, it recognized who Jesus was immediately and in fear asked Jesus to leave him alone.  Instead, Jesus casted the demon out and the demon obeyed.  As the people saw this, they acknowledged the power of Christ in the spiritual realm. ‘All the people were amazed and said to each other, “What words these are! With authority and power he gives orders to impure spirits and they come out!” (Luke 4:36, NIV) It was no contest for Jesus.  Nor was it a difficult feat. The authority of Jesus was firm and unmoving. The spiritual realm is under the command of the Great King and He has come to save mankind.

The authority of Jesus was firm and unmoving. The spiritual realm is under the command of the Great King and He has come to save mankind. Click To Tweet

Often times the battle between God and Satan is pitched as this head to head battle.  The two square off in photos in what seems to be the biggest “Who Will Win?” of the century.  Yet, from the interaction of the demon with Jesus, Luke paints a much different interaction.  The demon is utterly terrified of Jesus.  Ultimately, Christ has full authority and control over the spiritual forces of wickedness and evil and they are unable to withstand the power of the One, True King.

Authority Over The Physical Realm

The Spiritual realm should never be downplayed as a means of attack upon a person.  The demons in Luke 4:31-36 were real and most assuredly an influence on people.  However, there are also times when mankind will simply get sick.  During these time, we can rest assured that Jesus has authority over the physical realm as well. As Jesus went to Simon’s home, where Simon’s mother was suffering from a prolonged and severe fever, Jesus rebuked the fever and she was healed.  Furthermore, she was healed to the point of not needing a recovery time but immediately shot up to perform her normal, routine duties of waiting on the guests of the home (after all, the Messiah was standing in her living room).

In seeking our own healing, we need only to kneel at the feet of the Father. Click To Tweet

Not all sicknesses are a result of demon possession.  Sometimes the things we experience are the result of living in a broken world. With the introduction of sin into the world, everything was cracked and broken.  Things that were in their ideal functioning no longer were in their prime.  This, however, does not inhibit Jesus Christ in his rescue mission towards the people. He still reigns supreme over heaven and earth.  Even at the final days, the very authority of death will be in the hands of Jesus Christ as he remits the punishment of mankind by taking the burden of our sins upon Himself.  He holds the authority over the physical and the spiritual and chooses to save mankind.  No sin or sickness is able to withstand the ultimate power of Jesus.  Thus, in seeking our own healing, we need only to kneel at the feet of the Father and where God is leading and guiding us, knowing that He is salvation and our healing.

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