Nobody Special

Nobody Special 016: Racism is Bad… Duh

Caleb and Daniel take on the not so difficult topic of racism and whether or not it is biblical.  Spoiler, it’s not. Racism is bad, folks. With everything going on with race in this country, we wanted to ask where is God in this situation and how can we, as the church deal with this pressing issue.  Also we take a loot at the KKK and Antifa and whether killing and murder is ever good.  Spoilers again… no.  

Also, Caleb is Daniel Fasting which mean Daniel is Caleb fasting and seriously could use some meat.  But we support each other. Right?  

Nobody Special

Nobody Special 015: Four Ways To Keep on Sinning

Everyone panic! There is a solar eclipse coming up.  Is it a sign of impending doom and judgment or just a reason that people use to consume alcohol midday.  Caleb and Danny talk about the struggles of temptation and sin and consider the different ways to get out of sin.  Or, we talk about how to stay in it.  

Also, Game of Thrones is very popular right now, but neither of us are watching it so instead we give our various theories on how Westeros connects with the Marvel Cinematic University.  Is Tyrion Lannister a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy?  We are not sure, we only saw half the movie.  

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Nobody Special

Nobody Special Whoopsidoodle Part 1

Hey guys.  Nobody Special turned in to Something Terrible. We got done taping and the audio was horrific.  So we are going to re-record the episode in a couple of days.  Although Caleb and Danny are Nobody Special, you, the listener are not.  We want to put out good quality for you.  Be sure and subscribe to our site for all your updates and information.

Nobody Special

Nobody Special 014 Trump, The Military, and Breath of the Wild

Much to Daniel’s dismay, Caleb decided we should talk about the tweets from President Trump on Transgenders in the Military. We discuss the string of tweets that are not public policy but earned public outcry. And we try and get horrible off topic doing it. Maybe with Hamilton. Maybe with Breath of the Wild. But we seek to find God in the midst of current events even when its difficult. Don’t tweet public policy folks.

Nobody Special

Nobody Special 013 Indiana Jones Works for Hobby Lobby

This week Caleb tries to convince Danny that Indiana Jones 2 and 4 are good movies. Danny talks about Eugene Peterson to get people to check out the podcast. We look at everything going on with Hobby Lobby and their mishapventures in accidentally smuggling artifacts. Pobody’s Nerfect! Also Eugene Peterson blew up our Facebook and twitter feed this week so we look at the nature of sin and homosexuality.

Nobody Special

Nobody Special 012 Why Are We Talking About Fidget Spinners

Fidgets Spinners are a thing apparently.  Normally we would brush by this as a fad in the same line as Beanie Babies, Pogs, and Bakugan, but nooooooooo.  So far people have been talking about whether these are metaphors of the Trinity or tools of the Devil.  Yep, what a weird debate.  Also, we stray off discussing Trinitarian Theology because why not.  In one episode we discuss the worlds dumbest new toy and theology’s most complex theology.  All of this and more from Nobody Special.

Nobody Special

Nobody Special 010 Not The Musical

What better way to celebrate their 10th episode than by making it a musical?  Apparently there are tons of ways because Caleb said no to that idea. Also, we refuse to talk about current events this week because there are better things to talk about. Wanna know our story where we came from?  Today is your lucky day.  The Gospel Outpost Presents Nobody Special.

Nobody Special

Nobody Special 009 Rompers Are Dumb There I Said It

We have apparently been on a bit of a dark stretch for the past month or so and are trying to find some things to lighten up the podcast. Unfortunately, the first thing Danny found has Rompers for men and had to deal with the fact that these are real. Back to the drawing board I guess. Also, we look at Guardians of the Galaxy and ask “Will it preach?” You betcha! Also, we look at perseverance and what it means to be a friend of God.