Nobody Special

Nobody Special Whoopsidoodle Part 1

Hey guys.  Nobody Special turned in to Something Terrible. We got done taping and the audio was horrific.  So we are going to re-record the episode in a couple of days.  Although Caleb and Danny are Nobody Special, you, the listener are not.  We want to put out good quality for you.  Be sure and subscribe to our site for all your updates and information.

More Than Our Sins

More Than: Our Sins

Our fear rests in knowing full well what we have done.  We can try and justify our lives as good enough to have earned the blessing of God by getting defensive and zeroing in on our successes that we completely ignore our flaws, which have grown at a tremendous rate.  Or we do the opposite and focus solely on our sins and paint the picture that God is merely trying to rid the world of sin and that God only sees our sin. Both of these are far from the truth.

Luke 3:21-38

Luke 3:21-38 A Story of Earth and Eternity

John The Baptist had sought to prepare the hearts and minds of those in the world for the coming of the Savior.  With the birth of Jesus the stage was set for the work of the Messiah.  30 years into the His life, the ministry of Jesus Christ was inaugurated by His baptism.  At the outset, Luke clearly lays out the mission and direction of Jesus Christ.  Luke shows where Christ stood in the grand scheme of eternity and the biblical narrative.  As the Spirit of God descends on Jesus, in the physical form of a dove, the Father voice commandingly booms from heaven.  The fullness of God, all three persons of the Trinity have converged in this moment to rescue mankind. 

Nobody Special

Nobody Special 014 Trump, The Military, and Breath of the Wild

Much to Daniel’s dismay, Caleb decided we should talk about the tweets from President Trump on Transgenders in the Military. We discuss the string of tweets that are not public policy but earned public outcry. And we try and get horrible off topic doing it. Maybe with Hamilton. Maybe with Breath of the Wild. But we seek to find God in the midst of current events even when its difficult. Don’t tweet public policy folks.

Pariah: Persecuted For Your Faith

Pariah: Persecuted For Your Faith

Jesus Christ is an allergy to the earthly desire.  When two incompatible things compete with one another, only one can remain.  The other will be destroyed or leave.  When we put our faith in Jesus Christ, we are not immune from the same persecution he faced.  While the world makes us a Pariah for following Christ, we Yet, we can take heart and hold to the confidence rooted in our allegiance with the God who is victorious.  

Nobody Special

Nobody Special 013 Indiana Jones Works for Hobby Lobby

This week Caleb tries to convince Danny that Indiana Jones 2 and 4 are good movies. Danny talks about Eugene Peterson to get people to check out the podcast. We look at everything going on with Hobby Lobby and their mishapventures in accidentally smuggling artifacts. Pobody’s Nerfect! Also Eugene Peterson blew up our Facebook and twitter feed this week so we look at the nature of sin and homosexuality.

Pariah: A Brief Note

Pariah: A Brief Note

Hope sustains us during the times we feel like a Pariah. For all the effort that churches put into branding, messaging, and all the other accoutrements, 1 Corinthians 13 makes it abundantly clear that only three things remain; faith, hope, and love. There are the foundation of our salvation and of the Gospel.

The Gospel of Luke 3:1-20

Luke 3:1-20 A Faith Worth Boldly Living

John the Baptist speaks with a strength and faith that surpasses even the strongest of the Pharisees and religious leaders of his time.  He wastes no time and directly piercing the heart with his strong rhetoric and direct preaching.  He calls the religious leaders a brood of vipers for failing to see the story of faith unfolding right before them.  As difficult as this may have been, John was able to speak with clarity and boldness as one who spoke empowered by the faith in Jesus Christ.