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Anxiety: The Lord Will Provide For Your Needs

Daniel Burton
by Daniel Burton

Most of us have gone through a situation where we have worried about where the money for the bills, groceries, and rent would come from.  Money can often be a source of great anxiety for people.  Our lives seem to revolve around money as the primary source of provision.  We get jobs and go to work to afford the things we need to live.  But when the paycheck runs out before the bills do, we quickly become anxious.  Anxiety from finances, though, is not the plan that God has for His people.  God’s promises extend beyond simply looking to increase our daily wealth and provision.

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

– Matthew 6:33-34 

The Gospel that Jesus Christ brings speaks a great deal into our finances and the provision.  Jesus, in His iconic sermon on the mount, instructions His people to not worry about where their provision will come from.  To this he shows us the examples of the birds and animals who live in trust that God will provide for their daily needs.  We are worth more to God than animals and can trust God for the provision for our daily living.  This may not always be easy, but we are able to trust God.  He has provided for us in the past and will continue to guide us in the future.  Furthermore, when God provides, we have the opportunity to live our our faith and be good stewards of what we have been given.

Trusting God For The Provision

In Christ, we have everything we need for our eternal provision. Our greatest provision is spiritual when Christ died for our sins on calvary and paved the path for our eternal salvation.  Anxiety has been put to death on the cross with our sins since our future is secured by the grace of God. While this may have been enough, The Lord also looks after the day to day of His people.  Trusting God means looking to Him when the times of provision seems sparse.  He is able to provide for our each and every need.  God not only looks after our spiritual health, but provides for our emotional and physical well being and health as well.  He is our provider who heals our anxiousness.

Provision comes from the Lord and His discernment and direction shows us what we need when we need it. Click To Tweet

Yet we will all endure times of crisis when we experience a seeming lack of provision.  During those times, some may quickly devolve into panic and frenzy.  Others will buckled down and strategize, plan, and look for the solution.  While the second option may seem like the better option, it neglects where we should first turn.  Provision comes from the Lord and His discernment and direction shows us what we need when we need it.  Our first instinct should be to run to the Lord during the times of stress and anxiety over our provision.  Just as the Lord provides for the birds of the air, He will surely provide for us.

Being A Good Steward of Today

The provision of God is not permission to be frivolous with our spending, however.  One of the biggest blessings and disciplining that comes from God is taking our hand and walking us through the consequences.  With the ultimate consequence of our destruction from sin being paid by Christ, everything else becomes a teachable moment.  Even through our anxiety of provision, God will guide us by the hand and put people in our path to help us become stewards of what we have been given.

The blessings of God are a gift and we honor God in our finances as we live out our faith. Click To Tweet

God does not wish that we would squander the opportunities and provision we have been given.  The blessings of God are simply that, blessings.  What we do with the blessings we have been given shows were our priorities lie.  Some may take the blessings of God and squander them on personal fleshly enjoyment.  Others may make use of them in a way that is God honoring. The blessings of God are a gift and we honor God in our finances as we live out our faith.

Talk It Out

The way we use our finances is one of the best displays of our faith because it is a direct representation of our livelihood.  What does how we spend our finances say about our faith?  

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