Daniel Burton

IMG_1255Name: Daniel Burton

Education: Master of Divinity – Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, 2015.  Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Minor in Education, Minor in Family Youth and Community Science – University of Florida, 2006

Daniel Burton lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. In May 2015, Daniel graduated from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary from the Jacksonville Campus. It was here that he began to explore his passion for Missional Theology and deeper exploration of the word of God.

In 2016, Daniel founded The Gospel Outpost with the dream and vision of providing quality Christian, teaching, education, and materials for those looking to live out their faith Monday through Saturday with the use of new media. Daniel believes that, at its core, Theology should be fun. As we seek to understand God more, we are not engaging in a dead academic exercise but we are exploring through wild territory.

Currently Daniel Burton is serving in the office of Academic Affairs for Logos University. In his spare time he enjoys writing, reading, and going for walks. He lives with his one dog, Izze, who will probably make multiple appearances in the blog.



Nobody Special: The Podcast

The Gospel Outpost Presents Nobody Special.  Two generations take a look at church, faith, and culture, all while not taking anything too seriously. Join Daniel and Caleb as they talk about pop culture, current events and anything else going on in the world, all while finding where life points to Jesus.

To learn more or ask questions for the show, go to Nobody Special


1 and 2 Timothy: Ministers To The World

1 and 2 Timothy: Ministers To The World

by Daniel C. Burton

Written for Life Groups at Redeemer Church, this work takes you through the Pastor Epistles of First and Second Timothy as we look into being a minister to the world around us. Learn about God’s plans for us to engage our surroundings to shine the grace of God wherever we find ourselves by looking at the example of Paul’s instructions to his protege Timothy. Included in each chapter are discussion questions for you to ask to go deeper in applying it to your life.

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