Welcome to the Gospel Outpost where grace and the world collide.  We encourage the exploration of theology as it relates to our day to day lives.  Being apart of a church and the body of Christ, involves more than going to a service on a Sunday morning but carrying out the Life-Giving Gospel that Jesus Saves into our day to day lives through the grace that has been given to us. As we live out our faith and engage our community, we set up Gospel Outposts in the midsts of community.

We want you to feel comfortable exploring your faith, asking questions, and even being skeptical as we work out our faith together. We do not get offended by being challenged but welcome the conversation.  Just as God has shown us grace, we will show grace to all who are coming to ask questions and be impacted for their faith. Also, have fun.  Exploring theology is not a boring academic task but a task of exploration as we search through the universe for an eternal and never ending God.  It isn’t reading and not being changes, it’s an adventure as we seek to carry Christ with us every day.

Christian Discipleship

We believe that Christian Discipleship should be done in groups.  The Gospel Outpost exists to provide Christian based materials for discipleship and for entertainment for those looking to follow God in the process.  There is no corner we won’t go, no subject we won’t discuss, and no market we won’t go to. Grab one of our books, check out the blog, and grab a friend to study the bible together and figure out how to live out our faith in our every day lives.  Take a picture and tag us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  We love seeing how lives our being impacted.